Steppin’ Stonez Pre-school Pre-school
Meet our Educators,Care givers & Staff
Steppin   Stonez   Pre   School   opened   its   doors   for   business   on   9   January   2012.   We   have   grown   in   leaps   and   bounds   and   currently   have   a   staff compliment   of   10   dedicated   Teachers   and   Care   givers.   Our   aim   is   to   be   the   best   at   what   we   do,   where   your   children   can   come   to   learn   and have   lots   of   fun   while   doing   it.   In   order   for   our   children   to   get   the   individual   attention   so   desperately   needed,   we   have   decided   to   limit   our number   of   children   per   class.   Our   preschoolers   from   2yrs   to   Grade   R   will   only   have   20   children   per   class…NO   MORE!!!   Our   Bridging   Class   will be   limited   to   10   and   our   Potty   Training   Class   (2yrs)   will   be   limited   to   a   maximum   of   12.   Our   aim   is   not   to   pack   in   the   numbers   but   rather   have a school which is highly sought after. Our Nursery is fully equipped to accommodate 6 babies
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