Steppin’ Stonez Pre-school Pre-school
Our   Premises   are   under   24   hour   camera   surveillance,    with   a   full   complement of   over   32   cameras   we   have   taken   care   as   not   to   have   a   blind   spot   on   our   Premises. Should   there   be   an   incident   whereby   you   as   a   Parent   would   like   us   to   investigate,   we allow   for   a   7   day   period   in   which   to   report   the   concern,   you   are   most   welcome   to view   the   footage   in   our   Office,   however   due   to   Child   Protection   Laws   &   the   privacy   of our   Families,   this   footage   is   not   for   distribution.   We   pride   ourselves   on   our   Open door policy whereby you may raise any concerns or suggestions you might have. We   also   are   l inked   to   one   of   our   local   Security   Companies    EPR   for   Armed Response,   over   and   above   these   measures   we   are   also   in   radio   link   with   our   local CPF (Community Police Forum) Electric   Fence:    our   Property   is   totally   surrounded   on   all   perimeters   with   8   strand electric   fence,   which   is   maintained   on   a   regular   basis   to   ensure   working   order,   this   is also linked to our Armed Response. Front   Gate   Access   control   secures   our   foot   gate   access   to   the   premises,   you   will   be given   the   code   to   the   gate,   however   we   ask   you   not   to   freely   give   this   code   out   to unauthorised individuals as not to compromise the security of our Children.
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