Steppin’ Stonez Pre-school Pre-school
Our school is spacious, neat, uncluttered and hygienic. Throughout the school is unique artwork done by one of our local artist who has a keen hand when it comes to airbrushing. We have 32 cameras on the premises to provide extra security. Classrooms - A   Nursery    for   infants   from   4   months,   we   only   accept   6   Babies   to   ensure   that   special   attention   is   given   to   our   Babies.   Our   Bridging/Potty   class   are   for little   ones   from   approx.   18m   depending   on   the   individual   child’s   development,   once   the   child   is   steady   on   their   feet   and   have   outgrown   the   Baby room,   they   are   moved   in   collaboration   with   the   Parents   to   this   classroom,   where   developmental   activities   and   sensory   perception   are   enhanced further   for   this   age   group   whilst   concentrating   on   Potty   training.   This   age   group   also   has   their   own   separate   playground   and   do   not   mix   with   the older children from 3 years to Grade R. Our   remaining   4   classrooms   are   for   our   3year   olds,   4   year   olds,   5   year   olds   and   Grade   Rs.   We   have   limited   space   in   each   class   for   20   children.   This ensures   personal   attention   from   each   Teacher   and   a   manageable   number,   whereby   the   personal   development   of   each   child   can   be   monitored   before they embark on their Primary School career We   provide   a   good   balance   between   play   and   learning   which   promotes   essential   development   and   social   skills.   Activities   include   gross   motor,   fine motor, literacy, numeracy, life skills and fantasy play Nursery - Our   clean,   homely   Nursery   is   equipped   for   6   babies   to   ensure   personalised   and   individual   attention.   We   cater   for   the   little   ones   from   4   months   and stay in touch with the parents to ensure open channels of communication while we have their precious bundles in our care. Bathrooms - Kitchen - Meals - Healthy   nutritional   meals   are   included,   which   will   consist   of   a   good   breakfast   followed   by   a   mid-morning   snack.   A   warm   cooked   lunch   will   be   served, and   for   our   full   day   children   a   mid-afternoon   snack.   Our   beverages   are   tartrazine   and   caffeine   free.   We   aim   to   provide   a   balanced   diet   for   our children.   Vegetables   and   fruit   are   the   order   of   the   day.   Our   portions   are   generous   and   2nd   helpings   welcome.      Balanced   meals   are   prepared   fresh each day to ensure that the children have all their daily requirements met. Our meals are Halal & Kosher certified. Playground - A   large,   clean   and   spacious   garden   which   allows   for   adequate   running   and   playing:   We   have   jungle   gyms,   a   Wendy   house   and   sandpits.   Our sandpits   are   covered   when   not   used   and   serviced   regularly   to   ensure   hygiene.   Our   garden   plants   are   child   friendly   and   safe   and   we   would   like   to encourage   the   children   to   nurture   and   appreciate   nature.   This   will   be   an   ever   changing   area   as   our   new   ideas   kick   in.   We   also   have   our   own   Bike Riding Track. Eco Sensitivity - Going Green and Recycling.
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change pricing, facilities and photos
Our   bathroom   facilities   are   spacious   and   uncomplicated   to   ensure   practical   cleaning   and   hygiene.   We have   separate   boys   and   girls   bathroom   which   consist   of   4   mini   preschoolers   toilets   EACH   including   3 hand   wash   basins.   They   even   have   their   own   identities:   namely   “Pee   Wee   Corner”   for   the   boys   and “Ladies   Chambers”   for   our   little   girls.   Our   bathrooms   are   serviced   by   disposable   hand   towels   and   anti bacterial liquid hand soap to ensure a hygienic environment.
The   kitchen   has   been   specially   designed   to   meet   all   of   the   Health   Dept.   requirements,   including   the   3 separate   wash   areas   for   food   preparation.   Our   stove   and   geysers   are   gas   powered   to   obviate   power outages and ensure daily cooked meals and hot drinks. We   have   a   full   time   cook   who   is   solely   responsible   for   the   preparation   of   meals,   snack   &   juices. Happiness has been with us for a number of years and truly takes after her name, she’s a ray of sunshine and always has a big smile
We   also   have   gas   stoves   and   geysers   to conserve our future Water    shortages    are    also    illuminated with   our   Jojo   Tank   &   pump   ensuring   a constant   water   supply   to   the   Bathrooms & Kitchen during Water cuts.
We   want   to   encourage   our   children   to   participate   in looking    after    and    nurturing    our    environment.    We have   4   recycling   bins   on   the   premises   in   operation serviced   by   Mondi,   this   ensures   that   as   an   operating business   we   are   reducing   our   carbon   footprint   and conserving our planet for our future generations.