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Intra Mural Activities
Math4Todds   -       Presented   by   Schantell   Jooste   and   is   aimed   at   getting   our   5year   olds   &   Grade   Rs ready   for   Mathematic   skills   for   their   Primary   School   careers.   Although   Mathematics   is   covered   by   our Educators    in    the    classroom,    this    program    introduces    our    children    to    different    more    advanced Mathematical   concepts,   it   is   a   once   a   week   45   minute   lesson   done   on   a   Friday,   whereby   special workbooks   and   separate   progress   report   cards   are   issued.   Schantell   works   closely   with   the   Teacher   to iron   out   any   potential   stumbling   blocks   the   children   might   present.   Schantell   has   NQF4-6   qualifications in Educare
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We have 2 intramural activities included in our School fees:
Gross motor program filled with fun including Musical interpretation Computer Literacy Program. Where the Children learn computer and Tablet skills through Educational Programs whereby perceptual skills are targeted. Fun   with   Notes   –   presented   by   Neld   Swanepoel,   this   program   concerntrates   on   Brain   development   and   stimulation   through   fun   filled   activities.   They   are   introduced   to   a variety of Musical Instruments & Music related themes Dolphin   Swim   School   -   Our   Children   are   collected   by   the   Swim   school   on   a   Friday   for   their   lesson   in   a   safe,   roadworthy   minibus   with   no   overloading   of   passengers. The   45   min   lesson   covers   water   safety   &   skills   whereby   perceptual   skills   are   also   assessed,   the   classes   are   smaller   to   ensure   personal   attention   during   this   time,   a progress report is issued for our Parents to track their Childrens development.
We also offer a variety of Extra Mural activities for you as a Parent to enroll your Child, these incl the following:
Extra Mural Activities
-   Buzzi   Bodies:   is   a   gross   motor   developmental   program   that   aims   to   equip   foundation   &   intermediate   phase   children   with   skills   to   excel   in   a wide variety of sport codes, building confidence whilst having fun. Buzzi Bodies also incorporates the teaching of colours, numbers, good listening skills & the ability to follow instruction. Each lesson is broken down into 3 parts: Warm up & activity description ie Brain Gym Lesson content/actual activities/practicing actual skill…3 per lesson Conclusion/feedback & cool down (stretching) Each   lesson   is   well   prepared   &   designed   to   achieve   at   least   1   specific   gross   motor   development   goal.   The   program   starts   with   simple   fun lessons & progresses to more difficult activities as each child becomes more confident with each sport code. Coaches   take   notes   throughout   the   lesson   for   assessment   purposes,   any   issues/achievements   are   noted   &   a   full   report   given   to   you   as   a Parent at each term end.