Steppin’ Stonez Pre-school Pre-school
We have full or half day options for a variety of age groups which include:
A Nursery for infants from 4 months, we only accept 6 Babies to ensure that special attention is given to our Babies. Our Bridging/Potty class are for little ones from approx. 18m depending on the individual child’s development, once the child is steady on their feet and have outgrown the Baby room, they are moved in collaboration with the Parents to this classroom, where developmental activities and sensory perception are enhanced further for this age group whilst concentrating on Potty training. This age group also has their own separate playground and do not mix with the older children from 3 years to Grade R. Our remaining 4 classrooms are for our 3year olds, 4 year olds, 5 year olds and Grade Rs. We have limited space in each class for 20 children. This ensures personal attention from each Teacher and a manageable number, whereby the personal development of each child can be monitored before they embark on their Primary School career. We provide a good balance between play and learning which promotes essential development and social skills. Activities include gross motor, fine motor, literacy, numeracy, life skills and fantasy play
Business Hours: We are open Monday - Friday from 06:15 to 18:00, closed on Public Holidays.
Our School is open throughout the year to accommodate our working Parents as we only close for approximately two weeks over the December Holidays. We usually close around the Public Holiday of the 16th December until the first week in January. Sufficient notice is given early in the new School year as to the confirmation of these dates for our Parents to arrange holiday vacations. Due to our full day operating hours being a long day for our Children, we ask that our Parents take care in collecting their children before 6pm, there is a fine system in place for late collections which should be paid in cash to the on duty Teacher to compensate them for overtime
About Us
Steppin Stonez Pre School is situated at 259 Voortrekker Road, Monument, Krugersdorp . Our school is spacious, neat, uncluttered & hygienic. Set in a lovely Safe and Secure garden, our facilities and infra-structure are unrivalled with over 2400m2 of property, our playgrounds have wooden jungle gyms, sandpits, and loads of free play running space. WHAT WE OFFER / EDUCATION-  Education is of paramount importance we offer the finest in Pre-Primary & Early Childhood Development. We follow the CAPS Curriculum as set out by the Education Department as a guideline. We constantly work to improve and expand the curriculum to better prepare our learners for the future, not only for Government Education, but in the Private School Industry too. Our Curriculum has been enhanced with a wealth of extra creative and educational concepts and can be viewed at our offices. We have our very own unique Homework Enrichment Program called “Clever Critters” which is sent out termly to keep our parents involved & up to date on their children’s weekly themes, activities & progress. This is a voluntary program and is meant to be fun filled and a good bonding and interactive experience for Parents and Child.                         We have a dedicated team of Educators & Staff who’s passion are Children.
Disclaimer: We reserve the right to change pricing, facilities and photos